Monday, March 17, 2008

Q. Triangle Paws Vs. Spider Hands? Press

A. Triangle paws are cuter, but spider hands might feel better?


I'm at a conference all week but I wanted to say:

a) Thank you to everyone who came to my (rainy) Sunday reading. It made me happy. I read poems I hadn't read before, which was fun/scary.

b) My collaboration chapbook w/ Mathias just came out, When We Broke the Microscope.

Please buy it. It's, um, kinda pricey. Pricey like $50.00 pricey. BUT you get what you pay for because it's hand letterpressed with freaking amazing illustrations. You don't even have to read the poems, you can just gaze at the lovely typset and images.

Fully letterpressed on Khadi, Evergreen, and Biblio papers by Small Fires Press:

If you do not like paypal (that means you, Mom), you can send a check here:

Friedrich Kerksieck
1103 14th St.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

(Also, mom, I will send you a copy so you don't actually need to buy one.)

Basically, Small Fires has already made these puppies so I feel responsible to get them off the shelf and into people's hands. Ok? Do you like how I'm surfacing from my conference meetings to talk about myself? Jesus, sorry.

My next post will be all about YOU.


OK, I'm also going to show you the very short article I just read:

Was There Ever a Sport Called Face Slapping?
Posted October 21st, 2007

For a brief period in the 1930s, the Russian people in the city of Kiev came out to watch the sport of "Face-Slapping." The two opponents did just that, slapped each other's faces with their open hands until one bloody cornbattant gave up.

An endurance record was set in 1931 when two "slappers" went at it for 30 hours before the spectators demanded that the match be stopped, because neither bloody, exhausted man would be the first to quit.


Maximum Etc said...

spider hands feel better than what, exactly?

Julia Cohen said...

triangle paws. you have to feel it to believe it.