Saturday, March 29, 2008

I Miss You Press

So many people I love live far away from me. Is it irredeemable that I actually want to start a press called I Miss You Press? Definitely. Maybe I'm slipping, maybe I should write Hallmark cards? I hear they pay very well. My grandma sent me this badboy for Easter:

Jews like 3D, unfurling, fury Easter cards. I talked to Spook (my grandma) on the phone yesterday:

Me: Grammy!
Spook: Julesy! How are you feeling?
Me: I'm feeling good.
Spook: But are you feeling well? I don't care if you're good.
Me: I'm feeling well, too. Thanks for the easter card.
Spook: Your most welcome. When I saw it, it reminded me of you.
Me: Thanks?

Last night I went to Bushwick:

Tao Lin was having a party & I like it when quiet, burrowing poets who speak through their teeth have parties:

Apparently this white piano was in 7 playboy shoots. No joke. Now it's been gifted to writers who don't know how to play it. So far I have seen fake piano playing as well as a poet typing a poem on a laptop placed on top of the keys.

Which is better for a cold, a packet of 1,000mg vitamin C or whiskey?:

Don't worry mom, I'm a grown-up, I went for the vitamin C packet. It tasted gross, though.

Oh, did you drop your baseball on the tracks?:

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Maximum Etc said...

don't buy the bunk, Julia's mom-- she had the vitamin C AND the whiskey.