Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sometimes New York Is Weird Press

My friend XG lives uptown and because I live in Brooklyn I haven't seen him in 2 months. He likes to blame his PhD program. I like to blame him. Sometimes when people send you their self-portraits it makes you miss them. It also makes you think that they look like they're reaching the breaking point during house-arrest. Come to Brooklyn.

Now this sounds like a good reading:

The Burning Chair Readings
invite you to recalibrate your ears

Pierre Joris & Dan Machlin

Friday, February 15th, 2008
7:30 PM

The Fall Café
307 Smith Street
btwn. Union & President
Carroll Garden, Brooklyn
F/G to Carroll

Pierre Joris is a poet, translator, essayist & anthologist who left Luxembourg at 19 and has since lived in France, England, Algeria & the United States. He has published over forty books, with, forthcoming in 2008, Aljibar II (poems, a bilingual edition with French translations by Eric Sarner) and Justifying the Margins: Essays 1990-2006 (SALT Publishing). His 2007 publications include the CD Routes, not Roots (with Munir Beken, oud; Mike Bisio, bass; Ben Chadabe, percussion; & Mitch Elrod, guitar) issued by Ta’wil Productions; Aljibar (with French translations by Eric Sarner, published in Luxembourg by Editions PHI) and Meditations on the Stations of Mansour Al-Hallaj 1-21(Anchorite Press, Albany). Recent translations include Paul Celan: Selections, and Lightduress by Paul Celan, which received the 2005 PEN Poetry Translation Award. With Jerome Rothenberg he edited the award-winning anthologies Poems for the Millennium (volumes I & II) and most recently, Pablo Picasso, The Burial of the Count of Orgaz & Other Poems. He is
Professor for poetry and poetics at the University of Albany, State University of New York. Check out his website & his Nomadics blog.

Dan Machlin’s first full-length collection of poems Dear Body: was published by Ugly Duckling Presse in Fall 2007. He is also the author of several previous chapbooks: 6x7, This Side Facing You, In Rem; and an audio-CD collaboration with Singer/Cellist Serena Jost, Above Islands. His poems and reviews have recently appeared in/on, Crayon, Turntable & Blue Light, and A Portable Boog Reader 2. He is the founding editor of Futurepoem books.


I went to the dentist yesterday: no cavities, free toothbrush.


But I have been having terrible tile selection in Scrabble recently.


What else? More egg sandwiches for dinner. I'm going to read more of The World Without Us tonight. Unlike last night, where I ate an egg sandwich and then distracted myself with the terrible Anna Paquin movie Blue State (main character moves to Canada after Kerry is defeated to meet a mate from i.e. run away from his problems. Isn't that why everyone marries a Canadian? Just kidding, Anne Carson.). Anyways, then I was reading:

(Buy it at Tarplin Sky)

I'm going to finish it tonight.

One of my favorite lines from it "stars are no map of civility in our garden of little let-downs"

Also, "I am busy counting dots in the iris of a black bear in our perfect block of ice."


One of my favorite poems:

Look I am King Of The Forest
Says The King Of The Forest
As he growls magnificently.
Look, I am in pain. My right leg
Does not fit my left leg.
I am King Of The Forest
Says The King Of The Forest.
And the other beasts hear him and would rather
They were King Of The Forest
But that their right leg
Would fit their left leg.
'Beauty is so rare a thing,' Pound sang.
'So few drink at my fountain.'

-Jack Spicer, From Fifteen False Propositions Against God, II, The Collected Books of Jack Spicer, Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1975.

It is a comfort to know that this poem exists.

Tell me why you like this poem. It will make you feel better, too.


Kate said...

i like it because the king sounds like he could use a leg sling if leg slings existed.

Kate said...

(which of course is my only measurement of a good poem.)

Logan Ryan Smith said...

i also nearly married a canadian in '04 after the kerry election.

unfortunately i never learnt to speak canadian in grade school, so it didn't work out.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

i meant after kerry lost the election, of course.

Andrea Baker said...

Fuck! Thanks for the poem. JM sent me a killer Jack Spicer poem recently too. It's ironic but not snot-nosed. And anxiously tender.