Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Smaller Animals Are Often Mauled by Larger Animals Press

Part I.
I went to Nebraska(I hate flying):

Before I tell you what poets I saw read in Nebraska this weekend, I want to go over a few philisophical questions that were raised. I shall do this via photographs taken while in NE:

Are you terrified by the faces of children praying?:

Do you have friends that are so good at Scrabble that they can knit at the same time they skool you?:

And do you ever get stuck with tiles game after game like this (the quadrouple "I" phenomena):

And the do you get bored and play words like, "Engorgeristy"?:

Now the questions are getting tougher: it's like you're taking the GREs and getting everything right!

Do you have a Wide Mouth?:

Do you order soup that lists "carrots" as an ingredient and then get a bowl with a noticeably large carrot?:

I will wait patiently for your answers to all of my questions. I am very curious & getting ansy. I will give you all *very* high GRE scores.

Part II
John Gallaher read:

And he read from this book:

Wayne Miller read:

And he read from this book:

Betsy Wheeler got the crowd to give her "big ups":

It was so hot.

I couldn't get a good image of Betsy's lovely chapbook, Come Here, so I suggest you just buy a copy from Small Anchor Press here: http://www.smallanchorpress.com/about.html

Zach Schomburg introducing:

The raffle winner won a sweet apple pie. Most likely, if you do not live in Nebraska and you come to Nebraska for a reading, the raffle will be rigged and you might just get the pie of your dreams:

Mathias spinning some intros:

Hawks attack pigeons on the top of the NE state capitol (sad):

If you get desperate in Scrabble, you can spell out the title of Tao Lin's novel (well, it's really titled EEEE EEE EEEE, and you can probably find a way to buy it from his blog, which I suggest you read: http://reader-of-depressing-books.blogspot.com):

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