Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ricecakes Are Good Vehicles to Eat Eggs on Press

1) The Ricecake is a good vehicle to facilitate the eating of eggs. Science fact. I've had egg sandwiches a lot recently- I have a feeling when I finish this carton, I will take a good long break from eggs, and find another food group to put on my ricecake. Science fact. (By the way, is there any other legitimate food to put A1 sauce on that is not steak? If you find out, can you let me know? Like, could I use A1 on veggie burgers and not hurt my stomach?)

The rest of my post will have everything to do with science facts.

2) I keep playing the same three things on my way to work in the morning. Science fact. My "go to" is Yndi Halda's album "Enjoy Eternal Bliss":
I think I like this album too much. It make me feel like 500 little finger cymbals are vibrating in my belly, but in a good way.

When I've listened to the first two songs on the Yndi Halda album, I turn on Yeasayer's "All Hour Cymbals":

Ridiculous. And they make it impossible to think about anything too serious, so I just watch all the goofy people on the train.

Then, 12 minutes and 11 seconds before my subway stop, I listen to something more growely and thorny, Wolves in the Throne Room. Their "Two Hunters" album. I mainly listen to the second song, as I think the male vocals/screaming is much better/in line with how I'm feeling than the female vocals. Especially before I get off the train and go to my desk:

Science fact.

I'm not a music reviewer nor do I care to pretend to be. So you won't get any more description/explaining out of me. No. But I suggest putting one of the three albums on your rotation to spice things up a bit. Come on, I know you need some spice. Science fact?

3) Insane things are happening and I can hardly keep up. Science fact. Roll up your sleeves, kids, it's going to get messy/lovely:

In terms of poems:

a) RealPoetik
Kristi Maxwell has poems up at RealPoetik. Check it out: www.realpoetik.blogspot.com
She rocks: Kristi Maxwell's poems have most recently appeared or are forthcoming in Forklift, Court Green, How2, the Modern Review, and La Petite Zine. Her book, Realm
Sixty-four, is available from Ahsahta Press.

b)Forklift, Ohio
Now available for purchase: Issue #18 of Forklift, Ohio: A Journal of Poetry, Cooking, & Light Industrial Safety.

This issue features the work of: Aaron Balkan, Adam Clay, Adam Fell, Alexis Orgera, Amanda Nadelberg, Ann Stephenson, Bo McGuire, Chad Sweeney, Charlie Clark, Christina Clark, Dean Young, Dobby Gibson, Dorothea Lasky, Dustin Williamson, Erin M. Bertram, Evan Commander, G.C. Waldrep, James Longenbach, Jeremy Hoevenaar, Jillian Weise, Jim Goar, Lindsay Bernal, Lori Shine, Lucas Farrell, Matthew Rohrer, Maud Casey, Michael Schiavo, Mike Shaffer, Peter Davis, Rachel Contreni Flynn, Sally Ball, Timothy O'Keefe, Todd Colby, and Virgil Renfroe. Cover art by Elizabeth Zechel.

Duh, now you have to go to: http://www.forkliftohio.com

c) Drunken Boat...500 years after the expected release of issue #9..comes...issue #9:


Announcing the premiere of Drunken Boat, the international online journal of the arts, Issue #9, Winter 2007/2008. A triple issue dedicated to Part 2 of the inaugural PanLiterary Awards Winners in seven genres; a folio on contemporary Poetics; and a two-part dossier on Mis/Translation.

Featuring over 150 contributors, including poems by Meena Alexander, Ron Padgett and Dennis Nurkse, essays by Cole Swenson, Steven Burt and Okey Ndibe, translations by Marilyn Hacker, Paul Hoover, and Afaa Michael Weaver, translations of Mahmoud Darwish, Ko Un and Yu Jian, photos by Harlan Erskine, web art by Mark Marino, sound by Gordon Monahan, video by David Bernard Ambrose, Laird Hunt's interview with Oliver Rohe, among many other works.

Including Drunken Boat's Poetics folio, which includes forty contemporary poets and ten non-poets writing essays on a group of the poems. Drunken Boat's rejoinder to Dana Gioia's "Can Poetry Matter?" cedes some fascinating results, from zeal to apathy to out-and-out animosity.

See also Part one of a Two Part series on Mis/Translation, featuring all variety of straight and vexed translations, from magpie steals to computational appropriations, from transinhalations to homophonic recreations. The second part of this feature will be released in about two months time.

I'm running out of steam so I'm switching to readings:

Landis Everson Memorial
Friday, February 22, 10:00 pm

Please join us as we pay tribute to the life and poetry of Landis Everson. Readers will include Bill Berkson, Bill Corbett, John Hennessy, Matthew Henriksen, Katia Kapovich, Mark Lamoureux, Ben Mazer, Stephen Sturgeon, Jason Zuzga

The Poetry Project
St Mark's Church in the Bowery
131 E 10th St
New York, New York 10003

Saturday * February 23rd * 8pm * The Distillery * 516 East Second Street * South Boston, MA 02127

Feel free to bring booze and snacks.

Mark Bibbins teaches in the graduate writing program at The New School. His first collection of poems, Sky Lounge, received a Lambda award and his second, The Dance of No Hard Feelings, is forthcoming in 2009 from Copper Canyon Press.

John Deming is originally from New Hampshire but currently lives in New York City where he teaches English at Baruch College and L.I.M. College. He is Co-Editor-in-Chief of the poetry book review journal Coldfront. His poems have appeared recently in such journals as Tarpaulin Sky, Past Simple, Dusie and Softblow. He has an MFA from The New School and a BA from the University of New Hampshire.

Matthew Yeager's poems have appeared most recently Bat City Review, Agriculture Reader, and Ocho. His long poem "A Big Ball of Foil in a Small NY Apartment," which was selected by Paul Muldoon for inclusion in Best American Poetry 2005, is currently being adapted into a short film. Shooting begins in March. In 2007, he was awarded fellowships by both VCCA and MacDowell. A native of Cincinnati, OH, he holds a BA from Butler University (2002) and an MFA in Poetry from the New School University (2004). Though he typically works for a catering company, he has taught English at CUNY and is a regular reviewer of poetry for Coldfront Magazine. He lives in Harlem.

c) SUNDAY in Philly

108 S. 13th St.

SUNDAY, February 24th


hosted by CAConrad

Shanna Compton's books include For Girls (& Others), Down Spooky, and several chapbooks. Her poems and essays have recently appeared in Absent, Abraham Lincoln, Jumps Journal, Tool, and the Poetry Foundation website. The former associate publisher of Soft Skull Press, she founded Bloof Books (http://www.bloofbooks.com/) in 2007, and runs the DIY Poetry Publishing Cooperative (http://diypublishing.blogspot.com/).

Teresa Leo is the author of a book of poems, The Halo Rule (Elixir Press, 2008), winner of the Elixir Press Editor's Prize. Her poetry and essays have appeared in The American Poetry Review, Poetry, Ploughshares, Women's Review of Books, New Orleans Review, Barrow Street, Italian Americana, Painted Bride Quarterly, Xconnect, and elsewhere. She has been a resident at the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, the Blue Mountain Center, and the Vermont Studio Center, and has received fellowships from the Pew Fellowships in the Arts, the Leeway Foundation, and the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. She works at the University of Pennsylvania.

Elizabeth Scanlon's poems have appeared in many magazines, including Boston Review, Can We Have Our Ball Back?, Colorado Review, Court Green, CrossConnect, Ducky , Gulf Coast , The Journal , Lit, Painted Bride Quarterly, Ploughshares, Post Road, Swink, and in the Thunder Mouth Press anthology Poets Against the War. She has been featured on the web sites Poetry Daily and Verse Daily. She is co-editor of The American Poetry Review.


I want to go to all three. But I know I won't be in Boston (damn, damn). And I don't think I'll still be in Philly for the Compton reading. If you are a world class traveler/poet I hope you can jet to all three.

I've been reading Tony Tosts' Complex Sleep , which is awesome, but tonight I'm going to go see a romance comedy. Um, starring Katherine Hiegel. She's pretty, science fact.


Chicky Wang said...

Can you describe the egg sandwich in detail? Not the rice cake one, the other one.

AEG said...

A1 goes on almost anything you'd eat steak with... eggs, potatoes, onions, etc. True for any steak sauce.

Julia Cohen said...

I'm afraid of what "the other egg sandwich" is.

Should I worry that 99% of what I eat for dinner goes on a ricecake (well, like 3 ricecakes)?

Also, should I be worried about this advertisement?

Chicky Wang said...


That's all I have to say about the ad.

There's no other egg sandwich? They're all on rice cakes?

University said...

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