Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I Watch Nova Movies In Bed Press

My Mom sent me an email with the best first line I have ever received in a letter:

Do you remember me telling you a soft child thing.

No, no question mark. I dare you to top this, this "soft child thing."
That is going in a poem, back off.


I've been watching Physics: The Elegant Universe before I go to sleep. In bed I learn about string theory. Narrated by Brian Greene. It's the weirdest series because it switches from having very slow paced, goofy, visual effects and 2nd grade language to totally tripping me up with quick summations of quantum mechanics. I get all relaxed with a scene like "Eating at the Quantum Cafe!" and then I'm a bit lost when Greene describes the the earth rolling around a grooved path in a sun's web cloth thing. I am learning how to unite quantum mechanics with the theory of relativity. Apparently it takes 6 dimensions to do so and lots of itty bitty strings.

I bet poets can do to it in 4 dimensions sans strings. Pshaw.

Tomorrow night I'm going to see the Bowerbirds with a few friends. I saw them over the summer and it was a very sincere, fun show. Made people move around more than the typical hipster head nod:


I'm going home to read two manuscripts tonight. One is a novel and one is poetry, by two people whose writing I respect, so I'm excited about this. It will be the last quiet night of my week before the "social" plans kick in.


New issue of Birddog is out. Did I tell you this already? I don't think so. Sorry, no cover image to show you, but it's bright red and houses poets such as:

Terita Heath-Wlaz
Brian Henry
Robert Mittenthal
John Olson
Sharon Lynn Osmond
Julia Cohen
Daniel Comiskey
Sarah Anne Cox
Jordan Davis
C. McAllister Williams
Shira Dentz
Michelle Detorie
Judith Roitman
Sandra Simonds
Stephanie Strickland
Mathias Svalina
Kate Eichhorn
Nava Fader
Garth Graeper
Jessea Perry
Andrea Rexilius
Eileen R. Tabios
Art from Nita Hill
Plus, Sharon Lynn Osmond reviews Valerie Coulton’s The Cellar Dreamer & John Olson reviews Rosmarie Waldrop’s Curves to the Apple and Claude Royet-Journoud’s theory of prepositions

(I have a collab poem in that red thing.) Copies can be ordered: http://www.birddogmagazine.com/issue9.htm

Kickin' it.


So, I keep getting the mail of a former colleague. She was on this publishing list where every month or two you get a free, advanced copy from whatever literature genre of your choosing. Well, she chose chick lit. So, this month I opened the thin box and outpopped "Modern Relationship Advice from the Wisdom of Arranged Marriages."

No joke.


Elisa Gabbert said...

I watched that show last year! (I "streamed" it.) You know it's fruitless, though, trying to "understand string theory" b/c all the mega badass scientists on PBS are like, "Look, dude, *I* don't even understand string theory."

Julia Cohen said...

I know, I know. I'm in it for the 90s looking budget graphics and the party banter I can cull from the experience.

No, No. It's still fun to watch tho. I'm learning more than I would if I watched American Idol- apparently they're on like season 500.