Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Friends Don't Let Friends Vote Drunk Press

No seriously, if you can vote until 9pm in NYC, how many people do you think have 1-3drinks before hand?

Super Tuesday followed by Ash Wednesday is a little bit overwhelming. All those votes, all that ash.

I was so exhausted last night. I came home and made two egg sandwiches. Those sentences are more connected than you think. Anyways, Ludwig convinced me I should be more worried than I was that I was not, in fact, registered as an independent and that I was missing my vote for the democrats. So, I lifted myself off my couch, looked forlornly at my bed through my open door, and left to go find my local public school to vote at.

What I find amazing about the whole fiasco is that even though 1) I am most likely registered as an independent, 2) I am registered in CT and not NY, and 3) they did not ask for a form of valid ID, I still managed to vote democrat before 9pm on Super Tuesday.

This is my photo documentary of my voting "journey":

I passed a wall of masks once I was inside the public school:

Then I passed a wall of student names. No joke, there is a girl named Flora Flores, and a boy who's last name is Yurt:

Again, I'm not joking, this is where they put my vote:

Don't you get the sinking feeling that they're just going to wrap this up with Xmas paper & use it as a set prop for next year's 5th grade nativity scene? Will my vote will be the "frankincense" or the "myrrh"?

Another mask:

Do you understand the rhetorical genius of the first question/answer?:
Q. Where did I get the idea for my mask?
A. A Native American Worrier is where I got the idea for my mask.
(note: I think the student meant "warrior" not "worrier" but I like it better her way)

Q. What could my mask be used for?
A. My mask could be used for a silly dance.
-Kalea Hampton, 3rd grade

This boy doesn't write the questions down first but his second anwer is going in one of my poems (back off): "We draw a picture of our face / and we make the mask."
Hell Yeah:

Walking home:


steven karl said...

Sadly with my work schedule I didn't get to vote until after 8 and I didn't even have a scent of a drink in me... tsk tsk tsk

Julia Cohen said...

good citizen!