Saturday, February 9, 2008

Do You Like My Daddy's Apron? Press

I've been having weird dreams. Last night I cried on the subway home but my eyes were closed & I wasn't sleeping. Some things are sad. I don't want to talk about last night's dreams but I'll tell you about a dream I had a month ago:

The people we love turn into The Rests & if they slept: for every hour asleep they become 5 years younger.

So, if your loved one falls asleep for two hours, all of a sudden your wife or husband is 10 yrs younger. Inconsolably & irreversably, they transform back into children if you let them sleep for more than 5 hours.

So those who are not The Rests have to keep everyone awake, even though the normal people need to sleep. We work in shifts to keep The Rests awake. Shifts are tiring & necessary & worthwhile.


Oh, I am going to reading on Monday. Come with me? The lovely poets Dan Magers & Steven Karl will be joining me:

Please join us Monday February 11 at Reading Between A & B as we celebrate the the publication of Dara Wier's new collection, Remnants of Hannah from Wave Books! We're also thrilled to be hosting the extraordinary poet Juliet Patterson, winner of the 2004 Nightboat Prize for her collection The Truant Lover, and the incredibly talented former curator and Reading Between A&B Executive Editor Mary Donnelly.

Dara Wier
Juliet Patterson
Mary Donnelly

Monday February 11, 7:30 PM
11th Street Bar, 510 E. 11th Street
Between Avenues A & B.
Closest subway stops are the L at 1st Ave.; other close stops include the L at 3rd Ave. and the 4/5/6/N/R/Q/W at Union Square.
Detailed directions can be found here:

Ok, this is The Minimal Post of the Year. Every other one will be coated in flowers & brandy. Promise.

I'm wearing a dress. I'm going to a party. Off I go.

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