Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Office Party Press

Tonight is the office party. Which should be entertaining. We all had to get dressed up because, "The Today show will be filming footage of the bar 'in full swing' for a New Year’s Eve segment during the beginning of our Holiday party." So maybe if you are home watching the Today show after New Years you'll see me rocking out, Office Party Style (ok, please don't watch).

If you are not going to my office party, you can go to this:

New York City Small Presses Night


Belladonna Books, Cuneiform Press, Cy Gist Press,

Futurepoem Books, Kitchen Press, and Portable Press at Yo-Yo Labs

Tues. Dec. 18, 6:00 p.m. sharp, free

ACA Galleries
529 W.20th St., 5th Flr.

This is our one event each season in our non-NYC small presses series where
we honor NYC small presses.

Featuring readings from poets from
six of the city's finest small presses:

**Belladonna Books
--Latasha N. Nevada Diggs
--R. Erica Doyle

**Cuneiform Press
--Bill Berkson
--Ted Greenwald

**Cy Gist Press
--Mark Lamoureux

**Futurepoem Books
--Jill Magi
--Shanxing Wang

**Kitchen Press
--Erin Burke

**Portable Press @ Yo-Yo Labs
--Tonya Foster
--Julie Patton
--Nathaniel Siegel

as well as publications available from each of the presses.

There will be wine, cheese, and crackers, too.

Curated and with an introduction by Boog City editor David Kirschenbaum


You really can't go wrong by going to that reading. Yo-Yo Labs, run by the fabulous and adorable Brenda Iijima. I bet you she will be wearing a very cute hat tonight. And then Kitchen Press, run by nyc's only Poetry Bear, Justin Marks. And Cy Gyst, with Mark Lamoureux holding down the (ekphrasis-oriented publishing) fort.

Let me know how it goes.


I'm heading back to MA on Friday, but if you're in the city check out the reading at The Lucky Cat:

*Friday, December 21st, 2007 at 8 PM*
Hosted by Nicole Steinberg

Daniel Magers
Chloe' Yelena Miller
Adrian Van Young (Columbia University)
Traci Brimhall (Sarah Lawrence College)
Jeanie Gosline (Brooklyn College)

Go Magers, go Magers.


Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the prospects of so many poetry readings? Do you need a vacation? Do you indulge in escapism? Do you like to paddleboat across vast oceans? Are you human? Well, why don't you travel to Indonesia to see the new GIANT rat species they discovered:
Giant rat:

JAKARTA, Indonesia - Researchers in a remote jungle in Indonesia have discovered a giant rat and a tiny possum that are apparently new to science, underscoring the stunning biodiversity of the Southeast Asian nation, scientists said Monday.

Unearthing new species of mammals in the 21st century is considered very rare. The discoveries by a team of American and Indonesian scientists are being studied further to confirm their status.

The animals were found in the Foja Mountains rainforest in eastern Papua province during a June expedition, said U.S.-based Conservation


In Germany this old man breeds giant bunnies. I have to say the rat might be more exciting in terms of biodiversity, but these bunnies are damn cute:


There are few things I can brag about, but I really want to brag about the Xmas presents I bought for people. I guess I need to wait until after Xmas to get my braggin' britches on.


Why am I such a dork this morning?


Kate said...

you and them there braggin' britches.

Ana Božičević-Bowling said...

That bunny scares me. He would bring a large, scary, black and purple egg for Easter and make you egg-hunt till your toes bled.

Merry Xmas!