Monday, December 17, 2007

My Roommate Woefully Calls Himself Captain PukeBeard Press

Ludwig watched Ratatouille yesterday and was inspired to go to the co-op and buy lots of fresh vegetables to follow along with the movie, or rather, the recipe in The Joy of Cooking. He spent a few hours cooking the meal, went to a pot luck dinner, and came home feeling incredibly ill. We think he gave himself food poisoning, although I do secretly believe it must have been something he sampled at the potluck. He spent the next few hours in the bathroom. Sick. At 2am he came out and said, "If I was a pirate I would be Captain PukeBeard." I will never figure out how this man's brain works, but hopefully he's slept off the sickness.

I returned the movie for him.


Now for a serious question:

If this movie already exists:
(Breathless, 1960, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo))

Why would you let this happen?
(Breathless, 1983, starring Richard Gere):

Yes, I watched the latter just to see what would happen. Apparently it's possible to dislike Richard Gere even more than I previously thought possible.


I was writing long over due papers for a lit seminar class on Ludwig's computer, a refurbished Mac, and it died. Like TOTALLY died. Safe mode died. The death that means you can SEE your word document but you CANNOT open it, get it off the computer, nor have access to the internet since it shut down all systems. I'm losing heart, I don't know if I can re-write these papers again and I can't exactly use the excuse that my computer died, since that sounds like BS.

I feel feverish.

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