Monday, November 19, 2007

Sever Rhode Island & Make It A Real Island Press

This weekend was quite fun. On Saturday we drove down to RI for my reading and to hang out a bit and enjoy the nice weather before it's gone 4everz. A big thanks to Kate Schapira for having me at her reading series and to all who came.

We made Emo album covers for our emo solo albums:

Justin Marks:


Meri (she looks uplifted because her record was just signed by a big record label and she is excited about all the fame and fortune that comes with selling out):

Chris Tonelli. He decided to change the word "peninsula" to "mansula" to better fit the high level of masculinity he brought to this cove. Or at least I think that's what he said. Or maybe he said he'd take out the second "n" in "peninsula":

And then he ate a ketchup sandwich:

Mathias, in a genius epiphany, decided to buy a plane ticket last minute and come along for the ride. He found a big leaf in the woods:

Elisa and John:

Elisa and John, steppin' it up:

We were afraid to buy this coffee:

My dog, Fudge. He is deaf and blind now, being 14 yrs old, but he's still alive. And he still needs love:

Guest bed:

"Meat Ends" I can't explain why this is funny, but it is:


I really like this picture of E (even tho it's blurry):

Chris, being bold:

My hair-do:

More Emo Justin, the back of the album:

...and then we held hands and danced. No wait:


Chris Tonelli said...

I think it was "manstruary" instead of "estuary."

Julia Cohen said...

that makes more sense.

Elisa Gabbert said...

Or more accurately, "manstruary" instead of "menstruary" (instead of "estuary" ... details.