Monday, November 26, 2007

Giant Chair Press

I returned home yesterday, there was a giant chair in my living room. I've been looking for a love seat for some time now, but this doesn't exactly fit the catagory. Also, it's the biggest chair I've ever seen. Ludwig found it and somehow got it into our apartment. When I came home, it was sort of floating in the middle of our living room. And by "middle" I mean, "it was our living room.":

Please note that Ludwig is 6'4'' so the fact that he looks tiny in this chair means something. "something."

Then we had The Great ReLocation:




I've sort of gotten attached to the chair:

Although at first it reminded me of this:

Also, I'm contemplating what to do with my hair. It's getting long. Should I give it a little part? This would be the first time since I was 17!

See the little part?


Ok, there are more important things to talk about:
Asterisk 3 (from Fewer & Further Press) just exploded into the world
buy it at: .

No seriously, buy it: Asterisk 3 contains poems by Michael Carr, Andrew Mister, and Christopher Rizzo. Asterisk 1 (Aaron Tieger, Shannon Tharp, and Joseph Massey) and Asterisk 2 (John Phillips) are still available. Alll three can be purchased for $9.


I have a meeting with Polito this Thursday so unfortunately I don't think I can attend, but you should if you are not meeting with Polito:


On Thursday November 29th, 2007, Dennis Cooper will read in New York City for the first time in nearly three years. Last time, Cooper read from his Lambda-winning novel The Sluts at the National Arts Club. Cooper, who now lives in Paris, appears this time on behalf of The Apocalypse Reader, an anthology of new and selected short stories about the end of the world, which I edited. The Apocalypse Reader was published in June, by Thunder's Mouth Press. The LA Times called it "a vivid collection" and Paste magazine wrote that "there may be no collection that better demonstrates the range and possibility of the story form."

Cooper's story, "The Ash Gray Proclamation," was previously only available in the liner notes to a CD and is collected for the first time in The Apocalypse Reader. This event marks the last in the series of Apocalypse Readings I have hosted since the book's publication in June. The event will be held at NYU's Fales Library, where Cooper's archives are kept.

Marvin J. Taylor (no relation), director of the Fales Library, says of Cooper's work that "Dennis Cooper is one of the most important writers of our time. In our increasingly brain-dead society where mendacity has become the special province of a government that keeps pretending everything is alright, Cooper shows us that the world isn't OK. That language fails us. That love is embattled at every turn. Our only hope is that we can reach inside an find our humanity. Call it forth from its hiding places, and help us build structures where love can survive."

This reading is a rare opportunity to hear one of our great living writers read his work. Pertinent details are pasted below. I hope to see all of you there.


Justin Taylor


Thursday, November 29th, 2007
6:30 pm
Fales Library and Special Collections
New York University
70 Washington Square South, Third Floor
New York, NY 10012


The new Harp & Altar issue is up and at 'em. I think that this is a very underrated on-line journal. If you don't know about it, familiarize yourself. It's in your best interest. In the new issue we have:

David Goldstein
Ryan Murphy
Mathias Svalina

You're going to have to check the website to read who's on prose, reviews, etc, adn to actually read the work: Harp & Altar



Maximum Etc said...

your blog showed up in my google alert! the newsweek article didn't, but your blog did.

does this mean you are bigger than newsweek?

what else could it possibly mean?

M. said...

1. That pic of you in the armchair is f'n priceless.

2. The part looks good, I think. It gives you a certain fanciful allure, and makes you look like a Shakespearian actor a la Twelfth Night.

kevin.thurston said...

the lack of punctuation in this: Last time, Cooper read from his Lambda-winning novel The Sluts at the National Arts Club. was much fun