Friday, September 21, 2007

My Pillow Is a Pile of Hoodies Press

True story. Normally I don't sleep with a pillow at all but in the last week, maybe because it was colder, or maybe because I needed alittle bit of comfort, I balled 3 of my favorite hoodies (the ones you wish you could wear all the time but know you'd get canned if you wore them to work) into a pillow. I've slept well.

Today on the subway I sat next to a crazy man who smelled like puke. As soon as I sat down I realized something weird was going to happen. He said to me, "One flush. It takes Republicans one flush. But you, Democrat, it takes you three flushes. You're full of it, so full of it."

I always thought democrats were the ones clogging the toilet at parties, now I know.

Then, I'm guessing for the first and last time in my life, he looked me in the eye and called me, "Uncle Tom."

Friday morning in NYC.

I AM GOING CAMPING THIS WEEKEND. Pretty excited about this. I had to borrow a backpack from my roommate as it seems I only own book bags these days.


In other astonishing & important news:

Typo 10 is ready for you.

Featuring new poems from Maureen Alsop, Claire Becker, Simon DeDeo, Tim Earley, Graham Foust, Matt Hart, Claire Hero, Brent House, Lauren Levin, Ethan Paquin & Matt Hart, Marvyn Petrucci, Joshua Poteat, Brandon Shimoda, Sandra Simonds, Craig Morgan Teicher, Tony Tost, & Erin Wilson.
W/ an essay by Clayton Eshleman. Cover photo by Paul McCormick.

I have' read it yet but I'm particularly excited to read Shimoda, Hart, Poteat, Foust, and Simonds' work. Jeez, I'm excited to read everyone's poems.


This is happening Wednesday:

WEDNESDAY, September 26, 8pm

Lisa Jarnot was born in Buffalo, New York and now lives in Queens. She is the author of three full-length collections of poetry: Some Other Kind of Mission, Ring of Fire, and Black Dog Songs. Her biography of poet Robert Duncan is forthcoming from University of California Press. Her fourth full-length collection of poetry is forthcoming from Flood Editions. She is a teacher and a blogger. Sparrow is in the midst of his fifth campaign for President. He lives in Phoenicia, New York with his wife, Violet Snow, and his daughter Sylvia. Behind their house, an elderly rabbit named Bananacake resides in a rustic hutch. Sparrow writes the gossip column for the Phoenicia Times. (He invents all the gossip.) Sparrow's books are Republican Like Me: a Diary of My Presidential Campaign, Yes, You ARE a Revolutionary! and America: A Prophecy -- the Sparrow Reader (all on Soft Skull Press).


Oh, the Bowerbirds. How good they are. This is not the best video, but you should buy their album and also, actually, fall in love with this little song, "Bur Oak." My favorite part kicks in at around 2:25 mins:

"Down by the bur tree / I had lost your locket in the loam"

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