Saturday, September 15, 2007

I'm Uncomfortable That Your Comfortable Press

Poetics of Pop Culture:

If Britney Spears actually wrote and remembered the lyrics to her own songs, maybe she wouldn't be so sad and disoriented, wandering around an MTV stage. Or maybe if she could just answer the question she asks herself.

Chorus to Britney's "Lucky":

They say she's so lucky
She's a star
But she cry cry cries
In her lonely heart
If there's nothing missin' in my life
Then why do these tears come at night?

Sometimes youtube videos are worth a thousand words:

What we have on our hands is a downfall. Duh. However, before turning back to your copies of Elizabeth Bishops The Collected Poems, you should all listen to Casiotone for the Painfully Alone's "Nashville Parthenon":

The saddest line in the song:

I still buy two pairs of everything
so when you come home you and I'll be twins

And then, sit back and enjoyed Wooden Wand's "I Am The One I Am":

There is something throaty and guttural about Wooden Wand that supersedes any droning effects and wins me over every time.

Elizabeth Bishop's translation of Manuel Bandeira's "My Last Poem":

I would like my last poem thus

That it be gentle saying the simplest and least intended things
That it be ardent like a tearless sob
That it have the beauty of almost scentless flowers
The purity of the flame in which the most limpid diamonds are consumed
The passion of suicides who kill themselves without explanation.


steven karl said...

Hey Jules,

Classy the way you worked Bishop into it! I really enjoyed your posting.

Maximum Etc said...

wow, J- someone thinks you're classy. way to go!

Logan Ryan Smith said...

holy shit. casiotone for the painfully alone. little known fact: i went to college with that guy. he thought he was too cool for school. i still have all his albums, though.

and do you know what that woman is saying at the end of the video: CABBAGE AND VEGETABLES.