Sunday, September 2, 2007

I Forbid You To Bale That Hay Press

The David Shapiro/ Frank Sherlock reading was awesome. If you didn't make it there, I suggest going back in time and trying again.


Um, crane your neck? For some reason no matter how hard I try I can not get this picture to be Vertical.

Sherlock (torso/beer):

I smell an author photo...
(Refrain from comments about giant beer pint and strategic placement of said drink, thank you.)

You should definitely buy Sherlock's chapbook/poem, "Wounds in an Imaginary Nature Show."

I'll try and review it later but for now you get these killer lines:

The cruel the vulnerable seeds witness

a radiated eye cast through branches projects a belly up / nude

the yumyum's got a dark organ taste

celebrations / free of / loss are / not the / memorable / festivals

this nature / it can have space for a party / a surrender of circumstance / get down get down

Chapbook from Night Flag Books,

Don't these books look like they died and went to Book Heaven?:

I didn't know people still had shag carpets. Apparently they do on the upper east side. Nice.

What do you get with a surprise birthday cake days before the actual birthday, trick-candles that don't blow out, cake decorations that catch on fire, and mildly drunk people waving sparklers that smoke like crazy while singing happy birthday INSIDE the kitchen?

Yes, you get a fire alarm and frantic calls to assure the fire department that you are not on fire.

I was blindsided by the cake, but luckily I have class next week to distract me from my actual birthday and as a valid excuse not to celebrate anything. Take that 26!

JPH is smartly hiding behind the flowers as the action goes down and smoke clears.

Cicada shells by my favorite fur tree:

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