Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Your Dissertation Is My Plaything Press

So I have two poems up at La Fovea. They have a unique system for soliciting/submitting work which I think is pretty cool so read their "Manifesto" and "How It Works" and then browse the poems:

It gets you more involved than simply sending in requested poems because you become part of a greater web, a system of inclusion that expands with your participation even after your poems are up.

So, you should check my two poems out as well as all of the others. I was particularly taken by Sandra Simond's pieces. And I believe that to get to mine, you click on her name/"nerve" anyways, so you can read Joe Massey's en route as well. Don't stop there, though, read Clay Blancett's first poem, "Spanner." And more.

Can this please magically appear in my hands?:

Sigh. I really like the word "cubby." I wish cubbies existed outside of kindergarten. I definitely have a ton of things I'd like to keep in various cubbies, and then I would get to say the word more often. "Hey, grab the Berrigan collection from that cubby, will you?" I'd put all the chapbooks I've accumulated in one cubby. Last night it hurricaned outside my window and woke me up at 5am and all of my chapbooks were getting wet again. And my cactus got unexpectedly watered so I won't have to worry about it for another two months.

Kid Cubbies:

Inappropriate use of a cubby:


Maximum Etc said...

i have that berrigan book, packed away somewhere. you could probably borrow it forever if i can find it.

New Yipes said...

Fake Presses Are Funny But This One Messes With My Mind Press

Julia Cohen said...

My Press Will Never Mess With Your Mind Again Press

clayb said...

Hey thanks for the nice words!