Monday, August 6, 2007

You'll Lose Ten Pounds Just By Listening To My Gym Mix Press

Coming up next week, the lovely Evie Shockley amongst a good crew at the Bryant Park Reading Series:

Mónica de la Torre, Katie Ford, and Evie Shockley
Tuesday, August 14
6:30 p.m.
The Bryant Park Reading Room is located at 42nd Street between 5th and 6th Avenues in New York City, situated behind the New York Public Library in midtown Manhattan.

Man, I'm leaving for one week and missing lots of crazy readings. Luckily, I can stuff my cheeks with huevos rancheros in a foreign land to dull the pain.

I had two moments of weakness last night. First, I went to Blockbuster (that's pretty much on the top of my Learn From Your Mistakes List). Second, I rented Premonitions, starring Sandra Bullock. What an eyesore. Honestly, has Bullock been in one good movie, "like, ever?" What comes to mind are The Lake House, Miss Congeniality I & II, 28 Days (not to be confused with the zombie movie 28 Days Later, much better), Practical Magic...

Rumor has it that season two of Weeds is out. Better return those beautifully shot and well crafted feature length movies so that you can start netflixing silly HBO series.

I have been having the hardest time trying to finish this one poem. Normally once I get started (i.e. copy the handwritten lines that cover the blank flyleaves of other books I've been jotting in into an actual word document and look at them) I finish a complete draft in a few days but this has been dragging on forever. Believe it. Partly I think it's because I am too distracted with my job, partly because whenever I'm in the right mood/mindset, aka not at work, I realize that the only copy I have of what is written is saved on my work computer, far away. I guess that caveat is easy to fix. Mostly it's because I like what I do have, but they are small sections and I haven't figured out how to bring it all together, to make it flow coherently, at least in my own head. For some reason I'm afraid I'll fail this poem. Poetry Performance Anxiety? This is not allowed to happen to me. Ok, I don't know what I'm telling you this. I guess I'm just a bit frustrated with myself. Time to print out what I do have and head home.
We're taking a breather from Idioms and just doing a good old fashioned Google Image Search Game for psychological terms:
"Mentally Stable" by Google Image Search

Apparently someone has found a way to make puppies look creepy. Just wrap 'em in an American flag.

"Mentally Stable" by Google Image Search


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