Sunday, August 5, 2007

Winnie Cooper vs. Mini Cooper Press

On Friday I saw Herzog's new movie, Rescue Dawn. The general consensus was, I think, everyone enjoyed watching it but that it was quite inferior to the original documentary this movie was based on, Little Dieter Needs to Fly (Herzog 1997).
Was anyone else slightly disconcerted that this movie ended with a freeze frame startlingly similar to the shot in The Mighty Ducks, when the underdog Ducks beat their rivals, run onto the ice, hug, and throw their hockey gloved hands into the air, pumping their fists, in an adolescent display of victory and adrenaline?

On Saturday there was a massive poetry reading at the Cakeshop, nyc. I missed it, though, because I was tubing down the Delaware river. What is funnier than watching 20 clowns come out of a circus car? Watching 4 leggy writers try and arrange themselves comfortably in a Mini Cooper for the car ride to PA. What this photo doesn't emphasize is that this car comes up to your knee:

You might think you'd get bored, on a tube, floating down a river for two hours. But then you would be wrong. It RULED. Little Dieter needs to tube.

I love this photo by Charles Frederic:

You shouldn't get this song stuck in your head. Why is it in mine? "I Am A Baby (In My Universe)" by Daniel Johnston:

Be careful. It will sneak up on you and then give you a shiver every now and then.

I've been re-reading Julie Doxsee's chapbook, The Knife-Grasses. This is my favorite line: "Find a book about the history of smears, black jelly, ponds, lemon caviar-buried in the glass ashtray by her foot." You should read everything that comes before and after it, too.

Happy Sunday to all.