Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tour Group Press

I was planning on coming home and reading some chapbooks so I could write a few reviews but it was so cursedly hot. Impossible! Instead, I ended up watching the first half of season two of Weeds with my friends/roommates. I told them that two of the readings I have coming up this fall asked for photos- which is problematic because this sort of photo does not exist. So, while watching Weeds we did a mini photo shoot to show you our apartment, our faces, and how hot we were (temperature wise):

Accomplice (MF):

Accomplice (DL):

While we may be a "pants on" household, we are very much a "shirts off" one, as DL demonstrates.

Coffee table fodder:

We like tabloid newspapers. This is the weakest cover story I've seen all summer.

Bowls of Blood!:

Don't be gross. It's just beet juice.

I like whales, so there are whales on my wall:

Photo for reading series?:

It is so hot, my hair did this on it's own.

5 episodes into Weeds, pigtails must be enstalled to fuction properly in the heat:

Ok, that concludes the end of my tour.

A poem by Stephen Rodefer from Passing Duration. I think you need to click on it to make it large enough to read. I might even suggest jumping in half way through the third paragraph where Rodefer begins "My father, who lives here, gave me my sailboat.." I love the second part of this paragraph:

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