Friday, August 24, 2007

Scrabelais Press

My friend recently translated a book of short stories by Primo Levi that had not yet be translated into English. It's called "A Tranquil Star," and you should buy it right now (Norton;$21.95). I'm going to show you one beautiful paragraph from the first story:

But unexpectedly, out of some unexplored depths, from some recess of his body- the animal, rebel body that has trouble deciding to die- something was born and grew beyond measure, something dark and primeval, and unfathomable, because its growth arrests and then replaces all the powers of knowledge and determination. It dawned on Marinese that this was fear, and he understood that, in a moment, it would be too late. He filled his lungs to prepare for battle and pulled the cord with all his might.

And the next story, about mountain climbers, is called "Bear Meat." I never realized how nice those two words look together until I saw the title. Anyways, make the purchase.


This afternoon: BBQ. Tonight: a rooftop party. Is this the last of summer I'll see? Sundress Sundress Sundress Press?

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