Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lost Luggage Press

I got in to Newark at 10:10pm last night but Continental (effing Continental) lost everyone's bags (how do you do that?) until 11:27pm...which means I caught the 12:07 train to Penn Station and made it home a little past 1am. Nice welcome back to the USA.I think that I am still 1/3 human and 2/3 guacamole. Don't get too close to me with that tortilla chip.

I finished Jonathan Franzen's How to be Alone on the airplane and read me some of The Collected Poems of Ted Berrigan.

Entrance (for Ed Dorn)

10 years of boot
Take it away
& it's off
Under the table
& I'm hovering
I'm above American Language
one foot
is expressing itself as continuum
the other, sock
groan I am dog
tired from cake
to here. That is,
An Entrance.


Again, the spacing is a little messed up on that one, my fault. That's my next thing to conquer.

Sunday night, no plans?
Ok, well, there is a reading:
STAN APPS and RYAN DALEY will be reading TONIGHT, at 8 PM, at Unnameable Books.

Stan Apps is a poet, essayist, and spiritual intermediary. His books include soft hands (Ugly Duckling Press, 2005), Info Ration (Make Now Press, 2007) and Princess of the World in Love (Cy Press, 2007). A book of essays is forthcoming from Combo Arts and a book of theological opinion is forthcoming from Les Figues Press.

A recent arrival in New York City, Ryan Daley is part of Homeland Security's plan to keep New York safe. His work has appeared in JACKET magazine and Combo . His study of superstructures, and first book, ARMORED ELEVATOR, was published by BlazeVOX Books this year.

Unnameable Books is a new & used bookstore located in central Brooklyn, around the corner from the Atlantic Yards landgrab. It is half a block from the Bergen Street stop on the 2,3 subway line, and a short walk from the Atlantic Avenue stop on the Q,M,N,R,W,B,4,5,LIRR,etc.

Unnameable Books
[formerly "Adam's"]
456 Bergen St.
Brooklyn, NY 11217 ) 789-1534

Mexico: puppy, for sale:

Mexico: dog, mangy:

Mexico: Watermelon, the reddest:

Mexico: Flower, of the wild parot variety:

Mexico: shadow, our wall:

Mexico: jumping beans (real beans, fake googly eyes):

Mexican jumping beans are a phenomenon native to Mexico where they are known as brincadores. Physically, they resemble small tan or brown beans. They are a type of seed in which the egg of a small moth has been laid. It is the moth's larva which makes them 'jump'. The beans themselves are from a shrub of the genus Sebastiania (S. palmeri or S. pavoniana), while the moth is of the species Cydia deshaisiana. After the egg has hatched, the larva eats away the inside of the bean, making a hollow for itself. It attaches itself to the bean with many silken threads. When the bean is abruptly warmed, for instance by being held in the palm of the hand, the larva twitches and spasms, pulling on the threads and causing the characteristic hop. "Jump" is often an exaggeration, but the beans are nonetheless far from immobile.

The larva may live for months inside the bean with varying periods of dormancy. If the larva has adequate conditions such as moisture, it will live long enough to go into a pupal stage. Normally in the spring, the moth will force its way out of the bean through a round "trap door", leaving behind the pupal casing.

Oh little bean, little moth.

Mexico: Refusal to play scrabble the correct way, my brother:

Mexico: Dad, cool:

Mexico: roaming free, me:

I've been so busy at work recently, and soon silly 'ol mfa program starts again, so relaxing for a week was the first time I finished a poem in over a month. It felt good. I need to make sure that no matter how busy I am, by brain is in an ok place to write, else I'll get too down. And now I have all of season two's Weeds under my belt. Ready for work on Monday?

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