Thursday, August 2, 2007

Incredibly Pleasing to Look at Press

Word on the Street is Bruce Covey's coming to town and hitting us with two readings next week:

The first: Thursday, August 9, 7pm. Word of Mouth series at Bluestockings Radical Books, 172 Allen Street. With Paul Rome, Brian Kloppenberg, and Keily Sweatt.

-I'm going to try damn hard to get to this.

The second: Saturday, August 11, 2pm. Frequency Series at the Four-Faced Liar, 165 West 4th Street. With Gina Myers and Meghan Punschke.

-I will be in Mexico for this one, observing how my parents are transitioning into their new status as ex-pats. But you should go.


The new issue Sawbuck has sprung forth:

I quite enjoyed Dan Boehl and Jonathan Marshall's collaboration, just for starters:

Dan Boehl with art by Jonathan Marshall
Mike Estabrook///Dean Faulwell///Tim Hurley
Travis Jeppeson///Corey Mesler///Kaya Oakes
Theresa Sotto///Jen Tynes///Jared White


I've been botching words very noticeably recently. The two latest: 1) "justified" became "justipied," which is awkward if you're in the middle of an office debate, and 2) "it's a toss up" became "it's a throw up," much grosser.


I received the oddest letter I've ever been sent today and I doubt any of you can top this off, though I dare you to, and greatly encourage you to try:

I came home at 11pm last night and open this letter that has drawings on the outside and seems, well, a bit swollen.

I open it up and two dreadlocks fall into my hand. TWO DETACHED DREADLOCKS. This is a little unnerving, no? If I had a child with dreadlocks I would have thought, "ransom!"

I read the letter (and recognize the handwriting of AAB) and it asks something along the lines of, "Do you have the phone number for the boy (London) these belong to?"

This either means 1) AAB saw our old friend London recently, hung out, nabbed two dreadlocks, but forgot his number, or 2) AAB has not seen London recently and these dreadlocks I received were procured in approx 2002. Nice, AAB.

Can you top it? I was about to put my home address up but then I realized that might not be too smart. Email me if you're up for the challenge. I'll hit you back.

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