Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Poster Child Press

This has been played in the last 24 hrs:

This is playing now:

Dylan, Robbie, Michael McLure, and Ginsberg (1965). I want to be in this photo:

Who would you want to stand next to? Dylan/Ginsberg?

KA came over last night and made a playlist that was various Wooden Wand song/albums (minus the new new one), which was lovely and hadn't happened in a while.

I missed the release party last night and if you did too, never fear, you can still buy a copy of the second issue of CapGun, featuring:

Lynn Xu
Jaye Bartell
Damian Weber
Anna McDonald
Bronwen Tate
Andrew Zornoza
Rodolfo Hinostroza (trans. Harris Feinsod)
Sam Adams
Eric Gelsinger
Lisa Flaherty
Joshua Edwards
Jackie Delamatre
Jackie Clark
Tao Lin
Will Hubbard
Rachel B. Glaser
I am interested to see what Lynn Xu, Bronwen Tate, and Jackie Clark, amongst many others on this line-up are up to these days with their writing. Are you flashin' your most recent work?

The day is so very young, it's a dappled cult with knob-wobbly knees and slick shanks. How ever will it turn out? I still have a roll of film to develop and contacts to pick up from Cohen's Optical Fashion. The people who work their are ridiculously happy. I can't even muster enough mock-enthusiasm in my voice to imitate their side of the phone call I had yesterday when ordering new eyes. If you prod me, though, I'll give it the old college try. And yes, I'm still not over how much I love that expression.

Oh yeah, watched Glen Gary Glen Ross last night. I think a few people were a little traumatized by getting yelled at by older men from the '80s but I'm glad I saw it. Alec Baldwin's monologue in the beginning is tops and Jack Lemon will make you get a bit teary. Favorite line: Second prize is a set of steak knives. Third prize is you're fired.


Kate said...

you and your slick shanks.

i would stand next to dylan anyday. but you knew that.

Julia Cohen said...

I'll photo shop you in, Babysnakes.

Bronwen said...

yeah, one of my poems in there is super new, like within the last month. :)