Tuesday, May 15, 2007

You Can't Get Drunk If You Pour Your Whiskey on Your Skirt! Press

"Pessimism" by Google Image

"Pessimism II" by Google Image

I have to say that being Amish is not what I associate with pessimism, but who am I to contradict The Google?

I acquired so many chapbooks last night. It was like Babysnakes, everywhere. That's a good thing. You might be asking yourself why Babysnakes is good. I'll tell you, sort of. It's because when you are born you are born with 1,000 Babysnakes inside you. For instance, Jack Spicer was all Babysnakes. For instance, the movie Smokin' Aces has NO Babynakes. What I mean is, I have a lot of reading to do:

Absolutely You by Betsy Wheeler & Dean Gorman
Outtakes by Dan Hoy
Wit's End with Bric-a-Brac by Jessica Dressner
Underneath an Obnoxious Moon by Jeremy Schmall
Stanzas in Imitations by Gina Myers

I'll hit you with a little bit from each.

Excerpt from Wheeler's Non-Sonnet for a Ruffled Bird:

About me the weather knows nothing at all.
I am regal in the gale, hunkered down, un-
affected by the witch-head's stormy method.
Yeah, I hold myself together pretty well.
I'm all about collecting.
The fire in my palms, for instance, is amazing
in its tender & neurotic burning.

I get the sense that Wheeler is in control. She has a knack for balancing colloquial language with haunting images and honest thoughts. Maybe "honest thoughts" isn't the right way to describe it- it's more that the twisted images drop away and suddenly there is a vista of a person shrugging her/his shoulders just telling you what's up in a direct and open way. There are a lot of people who try and do this and you know what? Their poems are boring and ungainly. For some reason, some poets can't figure out how to balance our every day form of address/lexicon in a way that retains a sense of beauty or unique sheen. Irony, yes. Beauty, no. Learn something from reading this chapbook. I'll try if you try.

That's all I have time for right now. MS is threatening to wash my computer for me. I'm not saying clean, I'm saying "wash" as in a Scrubdown. I think my old roommate got hot sauce on the keyboard.

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