Saturday, May 26, 2007

Tinfoil in the Dark

It's 2:03am. I'm going to tell you a few honest things.

I find it very calming & reassuring to watch people cut strawberries & bananas into their cereal bowls. Do I need to explain it more than that? I don't think so.

I've never slept with my bedroom door entirely shut.

One time when I was about seven I went to our local pond & a baby pollywog got stuck to our net & then stuck to the window of our car when we left (we're talking about the size of a ladybug with a little tail) & I cried. I think it was a combined moment of "Look what've we've done & almost didn't even noticed" & "We're so tiny, too."

When I was in second grade I forgot to bring a dollar to the school fair so I took a dollar from someone else'c cubby. I believe I bought a bag of vegetables & ranch dip (that came in a cafeteria dixie cup) & I felt so, so guilty eating my vegetables.

I think that one of the moments I feel most content is when I walk through the woods in Rhode Island & emerge from the forest to stand right in front of the ocean. The woods are cool & thick, & then, right before they break open to show the water, the forest floor becomes sandy & the wind is saltier, & then- bam. There you are. At the edge of a forest looking at the tide.

I'm going to sleep now so I can take this walk tomorrow.


Maximum Etc said...

So you finally got tired of calling things Press, eh?

Julia Cohen said...

it's implied.