Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quietly Opening Cans of Blood Press

So, top on Yahoo news today is Paula Abdul's broken nose, which she got after trying not to trip over her chihuahua, Daisy:

What has Paula Abdul in tears? Apparently the "American Idol" judge broke her nose, reportedly after she tripped and fell trying to avoid stepping on one of her three longhaired Chihuahuas.

Paula's nose was not bandaged after the fall, but she certainly appeared to be in pain. "There's some bruising like you wouldn't believe all over my body," Paula said. "I'm hurting a lot."

...So how 'bout that Darfur?

The Castanets are playing right now in Bushwick and I can't go because I'm home sick. This is annoying I haven't seen a good live show in a while.
You can check a few of their songs out on myspace if you've never heard them before:

Lucky for me, there is a new reality show on television like Project Runway, but for film makers who want to win the start up money to make their first movie. or at least I think that's the prize.
I have a guest Google Word/Image of the Day Recommender. DL has recommended karma, so what goes around comes around:

"Karma" by Google Image

"Karma II" by Google Image

What kind of karma do you want knocking on your door?

Get your mind out of the gutter. Karma is always rated PG.

Oi. My next entry will be G and will be about poetry. Promise.
Oh, the Castanets are also playing this friday in Williamsburg's Monkeytown. I'll be in RI, but if you're in the city you should go.

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John Ashbery Fan said...

Karma comes after you get silicone in one life, but in your next, your boobies are stuffed full of pug meat.