Monday, May 7, 2007

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Thanks to hometown friends and family who came to the reading on Saturday for the So and So Series, and the crew who drove up with me from nyc. Besides one poem, I read all new stuff, which was fun for me. Beforehand, we went bowling. When seven poets go bowling, there really is no "winner."

I found a stack of my 8th grade journals (it was mandatory to keep a journal in the school I went to) and will write about that sometime this week. In one entry, I divide my classmates up into three catagories and use some really choice words to describe people, like "screwball" and "buttass."
One good line: "I tried a new kind of melon today." I also review "The Necklace" by Maupassant. Yeah, that was a really sexy journal entry, I'm sure.

You should buy Bronwen Tate's chapbook "Souvenirs" at
In fact, I was borrowing someone else's copy, so I'll buy one if you buy one, deal?

I was a little wary of plugging "docile" in as a Google search because I was afraid lots of pictures of downtrodden women or asian fetish porn would show up. There were actually a number of images of tarantulas. I guess people who love tarantulas as pets spend a great deal of time persuading un-convinced friends that they are in fact, "docile."

"Docile" by Google Image:

This manatee wants to be your friend. I'm pretty sure of it.

"Docile II" by Google Image:

Lots of readings coming up in nyc. David Lehman reads tonight at KGB. Betsy Wheeler, amongst others, is reading this Friday:

St. Mark's Poetry Project -- Friday, May 11th --6:00 pm

A Glorious Celebratory Festival Of Brief Readings From Some Recently Published & Highly Awesome Chapbooks To be Followed By Revelry

A group reading curated by Matthew Zapruder(author of American Linden (Tupelo Press, 2002) and The Pajamaist (Copper Canyon, 2006), celebrating poetry from recently released award-winning and self-published chapbooks, featuring:
Dottie Lasky, Valzhyna Mort, Dan Chelotti, Kate Hall, Cindy King, Betsy Wheeler, Travis Nichols, Monica Fambrough, Lori Shine, Kathy Ossip, Cole Heinowitz and Stephanie Ruth Anderson. Note the early start time of this Friday night event.

The St. Mark's Poetry Project is located at 131 E. 10th St., at 2nd Avenue.

Also, next Monday:
KGB Monday Night Poetry Series: May 14th -- 7:30pm

Chapbooks Night: a group reading of poets with recently released chapbooks, featuring Kate Hall, Cindy King, Ish Klein, Tonya Foster, Gina Myers, Dan Hoy, Betsy Wheeler, Travis Nichols, Monica Fambrough, Karen Wieser, Rebecca Hoogs, Valzhyna

KGB is located just west of 2nd Avenue in the East Village, at 85 E. 4th Street. All readings are on Monday nights, and start at 7:30 pm

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