Thursday, May 24, 2007

Paper Airplane Press

I'm still sick. What good can come out of staying home sick all week? 1) Editing poems, 2) gleaning important, introspective questions from the tv ads I watch:

"Does your body wash pass the silky dress test?"
"Have you tried a caramel this smooth and chewable?"
"Can you get Joss Stone on your instant wireless downloads?"
"Are you the funniest person in the world (then Last Comic Standing wants you!)?"
"Do you want the most legroom? Do you want a meatball sub?" (I’m not sure how these two things are related, but it’s from a car ad)

I'm getting NOs across the board here. Sorry. Also, what if I do want legroom, but I am not in the mood for a meatball sub? I guess this car is not for me.

"Proactive" By Google Image

"Proactive II" by Google Image

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