Friday, May 11, 2007

My Tiger is Better Than Your German Sports Car Press

My friend sent me this picture he made. I think it's tops. This is how a lion sharpens its claws in the wild. In the winter wild landscape. I'm just sure of it.

This is a section from the poem "Two Ton Chair" in Cameron's Flowers of Bad:

Arms open / When you respond eleborately
To a pirate who poisons your blood with the same ink the dictators used to sign your death warrant.
Nothing. Peanuts were roasted beforehand.

I was a German pool hustler. Watching films about the sea. I fell asleep dancing.
I'm seeking help. I lean towards Italian ice cream.

I really wanted to type up another poem that's longer and beautiful, also by Cameron, but my hands aren't cooperating with me today so I'll have to show you another time. But he does have the line in it "And he brings a bar of black soap for trouble."

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