Friday, May 18, 2007

Good Touch/ Bad Touch Press

"Babysnakes in Captivity"

"Babysnakes in the Wild"

I'm going to be out of town, but if you can go to this tonight, you should. Old-time music: banjo, fiddle, guitar.

rhys jones, rafe stefanini, sam amidon
at the baggot inn
82 W. 3rd St. btw. Sullivan and Thompson
this coming Friday, May 18, 8 PM, $5


My new glasses make me look serious. At Last! No wait.
Check this out, the frames were $100, which stinks but unless your getting dollar store reading classes, real frames cost money. The kicker is that the glass itself cost $300. There is no way around it. My sight is so bad, the crazy glasses needed to make me see is $300. No way around it.

Forthcoming from _______:
Two Glass Eyes: The Julia Cohen Story

Who wants to publish this? Fill in my blank.

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