Saturday, May 26, 2007

Does Red Velvet Cake Look A Little Scary To You Too Press

Top 5 Topics at the Berman / Cohen Dinner Table:

1. How Elephants Masturbate in Africa (I now know, thanks Grandma).

2. Maybe some (evil) American business bought a village in Laos or India and named it USA so that they could outsource but still say their clothing was made in the USA.

3. How much oil is in Alaska (not enough to make it worth killing the arctic wildlife. Thank you).

4. How many frat brothers does it take to eat a 90 pound pig (this is not a joke)? It takes about 40. Plus the campus security you bribe with pig & beer to protect you from the cops and noise complaints.

5. Do you eat or drink soup. Maybe it depends on the consistency. It's amazing how much soup our daughter can drink/eat.

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