Thursday, May 24, 2007

1,000 Chin-Ups Press

Woman Is Internally Decapitated (and lives):

In January, Shannon Malloy, 30, was in a car crash in Nebraska that left her "internally decapitated." Her skull and spine separated but her neck remained whole. Amazingly, she survived and is recovering. From

Five screws were drilled into Malloy's neck. Four more were drilled into her head to keep it stabilized. Then a thing called a halo -- rods and a circular metal bar -- was attached for added support...

"My skull slipped off my neck about five times. Every time they tried to screw this to my head, I would slip," said Malloy.

Rebuilding Malloy's neck strength was a priority, but there were also other complications.

"I had a fractured skull, swollen brain stem, bleeding in my brain, GI tube in my stomach, can't swallow, and nerve damage in my eyes (because they cross)," said Malloy.

Doctors are working on that but she has been lucky enough to get the halo removed. She videotaped the experience for 7NEWS.

In case you really care:
Malloy still has a long, costly recovery ahead. A fund has been set up in Malloy's name at Wells Fargo banks. You can make donations at any location under the "The Benefit of Shannon Malloy."

Oh dear. I found that disturbing. Not as Showy or Deadly as the guillotine, though.

In other news:
-I found out in Philly last weekend that I can only do 3/4 of a chin-up.
-Sending out more copies of Saltgrass. Gettin' the word out.
-I watched The History Boys. For some reason, I had higher expectations for the movie, even though they weren't that high to begin with. The movie had no idea what it was trying to say. It was just a room full of spoiled English boys, none with any interesting personalities. For example, we had the Recently Out of the Closet Boy, the Cute Boy Who The Recently Out Of The Closet Boy Has a Crush On, The One Boy Who Doesn't Actually Care About Getting into Oxford or Cambridge, The Jock Who Is Slightly Jealous of The Sexual Tension Between Recently Out of The Closet Boy and Cute Boy & Admits it but Not Totally, the Two Teachers Who Represent Different Schools of Thought on What Composes a Legitimate Education, Two Minority Students, and The Fat Kid Who Gets Laughts at Gym Class. You kind of know where the movie is supposed to go, but I feel like the director has not yet had that moment where he sits up in bed late at night and says "Oh, so characters are supposed to have personalities? And the audience wants to know why they act a certain way? Interesting, maybe I should incorporate this epiphany into my movie."

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