Friday, April 27, 2007

Why Is There A Creepy Guy Standing Behind You Press

So, what does google image think an American is?:

American by Google:

American by Google:

Serena Williams has seriously intimidating thighs. I may just have to talk about this in greater detail later. But you know how body builders have arms that can't rest at their sides any more because their muscles are too bulky? Well, it's like that but they are Serena's thighs. Tennis Thigh.

Anyways, I'm supposed to spread the word about the new issue of Coconut that I'm in.
Go read it:

"Coconut 8, featuring wonderful new poems by Amy Gerstler, Melissa Koosmann, Rodrigo Toscano, Sara Veglahn, Max Winter, Julia Cohen, Donald Illich, Jill Alexander Essbaum, Denise Duhamel, Kate Schapira, Ray Succre, Anne Heide, Kaya Oakes, Sandy Florian, Sandra Beasley, Nick Carbo, Becca Klaver, PF Potvin, Dawn Pendergast, Ken Rumble, Eddie Watkins, and Amy King."

I like Ken Rumble's poems. Usually this style isn't something I normally respond to, but he has great phrases/word choices, like:

honey lapper

steady pilot

Anyways, it's boots weather. Bye.

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trenchgold said...

I've been playing your new game today. Some of the stuff that pops up is pretty funny.