Monday, April 30, 2007

Eating Take-Out Is Better Than Paying The Gas Bill Press

"The Proletariat" by Goodle Image:

The implication that Google Image is conveying would be that potato chips are for the lower social class, I would asssume.

Let's Take A Moment To Talk About the Royal Family:

Personally, I am not even .0001% invested in whether Prince William marries or breaks up with Kate. It worries me that I know Prince Williams now ex-girlfriend's name, but at a certain point, you just have to give into the fact that information like this takes up some brain space. Anyways, what I'm interested in is their LOOKS, obviously. With so much media attention these days and the many different ways in which media bitch-slaps us in the face, I assume that royalty feels an increased pressure not necessarily to date someone of royal blood, but to date someone super rich and who looks attractive. Now attractiveness in the royal family used not to be such a big deal considering the focus was on keeping land/affluence/power within the family. Thus, inbreading. So, my question really is: If in the present day, the next two generations of UK royalty were incredibly ugly, would people still care as much about them?

Now I'm going to give you some info on Charles II, who was too mentally challenged to function or procreate:

Charles II is known in Spanish history as El Hechizado ("The Bewitched") from the popular belief — to which Charles himself subscribed — that his physical and mental disabilities were caused by "sorcery" rather than the much more likely cause: centuries of inbreeding within the Habsburg dynasty (in which first cousin and uncle/niece matches were commonly used to preserve a prosperous family's hold on its multifarious territories). Charles' own immediate pedigree was exceptionally populated with nieces giving birth to children of their uncles: Charles' mother was niece of Charles' father, being daughter of Maria Ana of Spain (1606-46) and Emperor Ferdinand III. Thus, Empress Maria Anna was simultaneously his aunt and grandmother. Still, the king was exorcised, and the exorcists of the kingdom were called upon to put straight questions to the devils they cast out. His great-great-great grandmother, Joanna I, (Joanna the Mad), mother of the Spanish King Charles I who was also Holy Roman Emperor Charles V — became completely insane early in life; the fear of a taint of insanity ran through the Habsburgs. Charles descended from Joanna a total of 14 times — twice as a great-great-great grandson, and 12 times further.

The rumor is that Charles II's nose actually decended down to his chin and that his tongue was so enlarged no one could understand what he was saying. So basically, this painting is like a Seriously airbrushed cover of Vogue.

He has really sad eyes, doesn't he? Jesus.


Ferd Heckle - Lifecoachin N Landscapin said...

Well he wasn't hot. Quite the opposite. He was ugly and insane and they still talked about him. Gave him a spooky nickname and everything.

So I think that just means royals watching has been around since, well, royals.

I took an entire class on the Hapsburg Monarchy and Juanna La Loca's family tree is more like a twisty turny diamond. Ookie.

arc19 said...
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Ana Bozicevic-Bowling said...

I think he's kind of hot.