Friday, March 23, 2007

Touch My Press, Yes, Just Like That Press

I don't have time this second to tell you about the poetry book I'm reading that is kind of rubbing me the wrong way, but I'll do that tomorrow. Today, you get to learn why I know it's spring.

It's spring because:

All the Ice Hotels are melting!!!!! (see above)

Ice Hotels exist in places such as Canada and Sweden and Switzerland. There is only one Ice Hotel that stays open all year round, but I forget where it is. The thing about ice hotels is that they are appealing because a) come on, it's pretty weird and intriguing to stay in a hotel entirely made of ice b) it's "visually stimulating" c) we all tried to build igloos when we were kids and this is way, way better d) vodka bar e) they give you bear furs to wear and sleep on since your bed is ice. There are also aspects that are unappealing and they kind of overlap with the intriguing things: a) what do you do all day?, b) I hate being cold, c) and you sleep on ice, kind of like a dead fish at a fishmonger's stand. So, my basic feeling is that if I was someone wealthy enough to take completely ridiculous, multiple vacations a year, I would want to go just once. But if you don't have much loot, you might be better off taking a road trip, for example.

Anyways, it's spring because they are melting. Road trip anyone?

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