Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Take Out My Recycling For Me Right Now, Press

Time for a journal update in crazytown:

1) I have two poems in Forklift, Ohio. Please buy a copy and support a B*tchin' journal. It's in print, too, so you can take it to bed with you, take it in the bath, take it skiing, etc. I've cottoned to Betsy Wheeler's poems in this issue so make sure to read hers. Forget stocking stuffers, think Mind Stuffers:

2) I have a poem in Cannibal. This is also a print journal (I am mainly saying this so my parents can buy a copy for my Grandma, hint hint). You can take it on the trampoline, on a roadtrip, you can make it makeout with Forklift, Ohio. The options are wildly endless. Check out Jane Gregory. My poem is across from Amy King's, yeah. Buy it here, please:

3) and coming at you online, 3 poems in the second issue of Sawbuck. It's a minimalist design and they give you slightly weird feeds into the poem so mine begins "By the method of shake...." You should check out all the poems, also the first issue is 'banging," too.

If you read all the way down to the third poem of mine in Sawbuck, you'll see that I use the word "eavesdropper," which I love and luckily get to use twice in this poem. I just wanted to say that until last year, I thought the word was "easedropper." And it made sense to me. Right?
(I also wanted to say that Bill Cassidy helped write this poem via weird emails we sent to each other.)

So, Passover is almost here. I can't take two days off of work; sadly I will not be going home for Passover. Let me just tell you that I love Matzah ball soup, "Dude, I love Matzah ball soup." Sigh. Below is a good lookin bowl of it. Maybe the Ghost of Elijah will come visit me in Brooklyn. Someone should write a children's book story called, "Elijah Comes to Brooklyn" and it could be about contemporary interpretations of Judaism that little kids could understand. It could also be a sad story about an alcoholic Jewish mother who uses the excuse of Elijah to explain why the bottle of wine is always empty. Oh dear.

This is just a terrible picture of food put out for a Seder. If you have this on your table, take it off the table:

On this night, little children should not be allowed to build snowmen from their Matzah balls. Jeez:

I didn't do spellcheck so you're going to have to suffer through mee errs. I'm hoping I spelled Judaism correctly.

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Maximum Etc said...

hey i really liked the Sawbuck poems, especially the last one. Not sure I've ever seen you write something quite like that before... I also like the look & feel of Sawbuck. Reminds me of Canwehaveourballback? .

Minimalist design is sexy and provocative. By this I mean that I can't remember how to change the background image on my own website.