Friday, March 9, 2007


Yes, Daniela Gesundheit aka Snowblink is performing tonight, her last performance in NYC for who-knows-how-long, tonight. 8-11pm at Jimmy's:

Directions to Jimmy's:
43 East 7th Street
Between 2nd & #rd avenues
F, V at 2nd Ave; 6 at Astor Pl

If you don't go, your soul will be a little weaker than those who do attend.
That's all. Don't be dim.

Also, don't see Black Snake Moan. Unless you are really in the mood to watch Justin Timberlake puke and cry for 2 hours while is girlfriend either comforts him or screws other men in the town. Not even whiskey can save this movie. (Sorry, Mom, I know that was a bit crass.)


Les Etiqettes Jaunes

I picked up a leaf
today from the sidewalk.
This seems childish.

Leaf! you are so big!
How can you change your
color, then just fall!

As if there were no
such thing as integrity!

You are too relaxed
to answer me. I am too
frightened to insist.

Leaf! don't be neurotic
like the small chameleon.

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