Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Plagerism Schmagerism Press

A new high or a new low in the Glorious/Terrible Food Combination Game. This is a game in which I am the only participant. This is the game in which I don't go to the grocery store because it is a) closed, b) too far away at the moment, or c) not connected to my kitchen and it's cold out- and I must forage in my refrigerator for combinations of food that some, not most, but some might consider edible. Although not usually together. The recent discovery was: brown rice and fat free american cheese. I felt bad for the brown rice, being so abused by me. Anyways, these are the three images that came up when I searched for "brown rice and american cheese." I'm not really sure I can contextualize the muppet with the search words, but that is one of the many mysteries of google.

Tomorrow I will tell you something interesting about poetry. As opposed to gross you out.
Off to an Irish pub and then a poetry reading. You should come.

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