Sunday, March 18, 2007

No Babies Were Directly Harmed in This Process Press

The movies I've been watching this past week have been so atrocious that I might even use the word heinous. And I use that word sparingly. So heinous, in fact, that my conclusion is there are only two people in the world who think Dane Cook is funny. And they are Dane Cook. Wait, that's only one person. And Dane Cook doesn't count because he shouldn't exist to begin with. And neither should Blockbuster, for that matter. Feel free to add to this list, right now I'm just mentioning the obvious ones.

Also, the effing F button on this computer isn't working so please note that I am working extra hard to even explain about the "effing F button."

I have a Press crush on Black Ocean Press because the outside of their books look sooo Badmother. Yes, "Badmother" is now an adjective, thanks to the Badmotherness of Black Ocean Press. See the red book by Paula Cisewski above? That's them. And the red book is "Upon Arrival."

Some sweet lines are:

"Every best thing passes through itself
like silver rings. Now ask me
to enter the box and pull the curtain."

"The natrual bridge in me.
The calculus. The birthday cake."

"Yesterday I had to try harder
to appreciate everything."

"The kitchen is supposed to be Heaven."

And I dig the poem "Upon Arrival #37." I don't necessarily think this whole collection is the specific type of poetry that jumps out at me, I kind of feel that Paula is holding back in some way, like driving a stick in first gear instead of third. I promise to never make another car analogy again- I crashed my car and now take the subway, literally. But I would buy her next book, too, because I'm interested to see where she is going with her work. Intrigued.

On Monday you should go to the Saints of Hysteria reading at KGB.

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