Wednesday, March 14, 2007

My Press Is Cooler Than Your "Press" Press

"Scurvy Is Gross"
I am waiting to find a vegetarian restaurant with this name. Does someone want to start one with me? No takers? This was actually the least gross image of scurvy I found, but it would be my logo since it's the best.

I'm reading Evan Commander's chapbook, "A Thing and its Ghost."
My review: "It will not give you scurvy. Yes it will. No, it won't."
Wait, that's not a review at all.
There are handfuls of good lines. They do not necessarily come back to back, but I guess that would be a tall order.
Some lines I did like:

"my daily care occupies itself"

"where I say cakewalk and the icing grows petals"

"fever pants"

"I am best in Ohio in winter without you"

"I am getting dressed downtown. Wooden heels on wooden floors / in the way that Oscar Wilde is exactly like television."

And you should definitely read the poem, "Critique of the City as Family." Go, buy it from H_NGM_N B__KS. It's only 6 bucks for 36 pages. That's, like, a couple cents per page, or something.


Justin said...

i bet your website will get 14,000 hits a day now from teenagers in Calumet, Michigan googling for "scury"+"dyke-out".

What an awful thing to say. I can't believe I typed that word and then didn't delete it. More than just offensive, it's gross-sounding in a 9th grade sort of way.

I write you the longest comments. I am your number one fan. Dear everybody: I am The Messier Side Of Neat's Number One Fan. I'm going to get her name tattooed on my muscular, hairless abdomen and then chase her around her parents' house until her awesome dad comes and kills the shit out of me. Like in that movie.

We'll be doing this next Tuesday, provided the weather is good, and not a 'wintry mix'.

Justin said...

Well now my first comment doesn't make any sense. Late arrivals to this blog post should understand that for most of the day the image was of two trashy naked chicks getting it on in a hot tub.


But all that shit I said about the movie FEAR starring Mark Wahlberg is still the truth. In fact, it's double the truth--

John Ashbery Fan said...

You should do reviews. Seriously. That's the best review I've ever bled. From my eyeballs. With scurvy on top.