Sunday, February 11, 2007

Medium Light

Schefflera: This House Plant Will Help Purify The Air In Your Home or Office.
(Good to know that when I cannot create purity myself, I can buy it from Home Depot.)

Some plants only require medium light, this probably means they will live longer in your living room. Exhibit A is the Schefflera plant that I have in my office, requiring "medium light." Exhibit B is the leaf pile that accrues when I forget to water Exhibit A. Maybe if my plant was more friendly or communicative, I would remember to water it.

So yesterday I went to the EOAGH reading at Bowery to hear Mark Bibbins, Amy King, Brenda Ijima, and Corrine Fitzpatrick. They rock. Filip Marinovich (unless there was another Philip/Filip reading who had longish hair and a red shirt) read very "excitably."

Tonight (Sunday) Andy Mister and Jess Mynes read at Zinc at 7pm. Come!

New Netflix finally arrived: 1) Empire Records, 2) Slither, and 3) My Super Ex-Girlfriend. I'm excited for 1 and 2. I'm not really sure why 3 is there. Maybe because I have a soft spot for Uma and also Luke Wilson (with a nose like that...). Maybe because we all need a little dreck in our life for the sake of homeostasis.

Last night at 2am I went to buy fixings for a sandwich. I ended up getting "veggie cheese" (yes, I'm human and make mistakes) which apparently is cheese only made from vegetables. Vegans have it rough. Food should not imitate food.

Also, I find it slightly offensive that my spellcheck does not recognize "dreck" or even "drek" as a real word.


Andrea Baker said...

Are you baiting me?

I'm with you though. Fake meat repulses me on every level. Most of the fake cheese has animal by products anyway- I think it's mostly for lactose intolerant people.

John Ashbery Fan said...

Amy thinks you rock too~

Too bad you didn't come out to the party with us tonight. Too bad.

Matthew Henriksen said...

I like fake poets better than I like fake food.