Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Day 2 of Westminster Dogshow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Headline for this news article was "Billy Collins gets ready for AWP."

Oh wait, that was mean, sorry. And today was going to be my "nice" day.
And also, I'm genuinely excited for AWP. And also, we know B.C. won't be there.

The Westminster Dogshow-it goes without saying that this represents something terribly wrong with society, mostly American and British. Yet, somehow it's so wrong it makes me feel a bit gleeful. I like that some people are so rich and inbred themselves that they think this is an ok past time. Maybe I should direct them to the Ugly Duckling Presse 6x6 reading tonight at The Kitchen (i.e. this falls into the real ok past time-I'm allowed to be biased, no?)...

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Matthew Henriksen said...

This is how I get reading for Ugly Duckling 6x^ release parties. Billy Collins is my office mate, always beautiful, and never needs grooming, you heathen.