Saturday, February 24, 2007

Best Sister/Worst Sister

(C) Amy King

Nights of poetry readings are always Wildly Adventurous. Practically a Hardy Boys novel, each one. Well, maybe not all nights. I went to the MiPO reading at Stain on Friday. Small but awesome crowd of people. The bar did not open until 20 past when the reading was supposed to start so I ended up in a giant dollar store in Brooklyn that had heaps of remote control cars and socks. Now, I've owed my brother a birthday present for almost two months and I kept trying to get him a remote control car so that he could strap beer to it and have his Pledges deliver him beer via remote at his frat. But my schedule is sort of hectic so every time I went to a Circuit City type place they were always locking the door in my face and turning off the light. The Stars aligned last night and I bought a set that comes with TWO Kawasaki ATVs with riders on them. So now my brother will be able to race. Or have TWO beers delivered at once. Nice. That is why I am a good sister. The first photo is me, being prematurely proud, displaying the ATV before it's fully out of the box and before I realized I had no clue or skills necessary to assemble it.

Why I am a bad sister: of course, I wanted to play with the toy myself. So before the reading began five poets rallied to help extricate the ATVS from the packaging, install the two different kinds of batteries into the remote and the cars, and get them rolling. Always carry a Leatherman. Point being, I'm gifting a semi-used present.

Also, using remote control cars makes you feel inexplicably powerful. And anyone who denies that they say "Vroom Vroom" in their head when racing one of them is a liar.

In other world news, JM pointed out to me that mid-March, "Edward Scissorhands The Ballet" goes up at BAM. JM is definitely getting tickets. I'm a little wary of anthropomorphising topiary, etc, but I'm kind of in love with this clip:

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AEG said...

Big smile. Update us when the cars break.