Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Become an M & M

Two days ago I was 1/2 reading Wordsworth and 1/2 watching a Beauty and the Geek marathon (which doesn't work very well) and there was this creepy ad with an M&M crawling all over the screen and the M&M had hair, which is disgusting. At the end of the ad it said "become an M&M at www.becomeanmm.com." Obviously, I had to become an M&M. This is one of the weirder sites I've been to recently (ok, I have a boring internet- search life, big deal) and it lets you pick things like the shape of your M&M body (are you all chocolate or are you also peanut?), hair, eye shape, and then weird accoutrements like a giant cup, a soccer ball, a camera etc. And then you can select your name from a variety of very bizarre names, such as "Greasemonkey," "Sugarlump," "Mushmouth" and "Marmoset." You can also take photos with weird backgrounds, such as a beach or the Parthenon and then you can stick penguins in palm trees and whatnot: http://www.becomeanmm.com/studio/photo/show/569eff241b41090ba6d1872c154ff759574358d1

That should take you to a "photo" of "me" I saved.

By the way, Wordsworth was born in Cockermouth, England in 1770.

This weekend I went to a MV & EE show in Philly. It was held at a Unitarian Universalist Church, which was a very tiny, wooden shoebox of a space. The female singer was adorable- the kind of person you want to bake chocolate chip cookies and knit mittens for. Their new album (image above) is something to listen to.

I also picked up all these Unitarian Universalist pamphlets about children in the organization and it seems like the most kumbaya, god with a lowercase g, "religion" ever. Might UU be susceptible to being taken advantage of by savvy Atheist parents who need a free daycare center?

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Nicole Komen said...

How did you save a picture of your m&m guy??